Dynatron makes running your Fixed Operations easier and more profitable.



Average ELR Increase Over 90 Days


Average WLRI Increase


Average WPMI Increase


Average ROI in First Year


“Dynatron is one of the strongest partnerships that we have in the value it's brought to our business.”  

- Jennifer Swope Scarbrough, Executive GM | Swope Family of Dealerships

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Dynatron with KADA

“Dynatron is like vAuto for your Fixed Operations”

Dale Pollack, vAuto Founder


On August 9th, 2023 KADA President Jason Wilson and Dynatron CEO Leigh Silver hosted a live webinar discussing the "Hidden Opportunities for Increasing Service Revenue and Profitability."  A recording is available below to all KADA members. 


What do we do?

Everything begins with PriceSmart, making complex DMS data easily digestible, thus actionable for optimizing price, maximizing ELR, and improving profitability. Our clients then reinvest some of their newly acquired revenue into our other premium solutions to sell more (SellSmart) and increase traffic (MarketSmart).

How do we do it?

By using our proprietary advanced ROI analytics platform, in particular our Virtual Performance Group (VPG) and our Mystery Shop Intelligence, our expert coaches will work with dealerships to identify the perfect repair and maintenance price for retention and profitability.

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Accelerate Your Service Department Revenue

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