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Dynatron's amazing growth is due in big part by word of mouth referrals. Even if you've never heard about us, odds are someone in your 20 group has! Ask around.


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The average Dynatron customer see's an increase in over $11 in their ELR in the first 90 days, with an average ROI of 11x1 in the first year.

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Increase Revenue With Price Optimization

How do we do it? Combining software and expert coaching, Dynatron can help you find your revenue leaks, identify new revenue opportunities, and increase your Customer Pay ELR.

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But how do we achieve our results?

Our Secret Weapons

Technology without the proper coach is a car without a driver. It might be beautiful to look at, but won’t get you anywhere.

That is why Dynatron combines best-in-class analytics software with expert Coaching – to help you identify your revenue opportunities, create an action plan, and capture additional revenue.

What We Focus On

By focusing on a few items across your Service Department, we are able to identify revenue leaks and plug them!

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ELR Maximization

Easily control pricing compliance, flat rate times, and discount allocation.labor sale amount and flat rate time.

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Labor & Parts Price Optimization

Establish and maintain ideal pricingPerfect Pricing for retention and profitability

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Warranty Labor Rate & Parts Margin Filing

We provide the tools to make warranty filings easy.file the best data set each year on time!

Other Happy People

Still not convinced? Hear directly from our customers how Dynatron Software has improved their business performance!

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Shanehan Westphal, General Manager Herrin Gear Infiniti

“We closed out our first month with Dynatron at a $14 ELR increase, better than we have ever done before.”

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Jennifer Swope Scarbrough, Executive OM Swope Family of Dealerships

"Dynatron is one of the strongest partnerships that we have in the value it's brought to our business."

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Bob Giles, CEO Giles Automotive Group

"With Dynatron, we have been able to increase our ELR and customer labor rate, which has then allowed us to go back to our manufacturers and get substantial increases on our warranty rate."

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